High winds cause problems for firefighters in Logan County

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - A large wildfire broke out Thursday afternoon in a wooded area east of the Lazy E Arena in Logan County.

Crews were on the scene near Anderson and Forrest Hills Road.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and there was no structural damage, however, the area was evacuated.

High winds and hot temperatures made the cedar and oak tree thickets northeast of the metro into tinder boxes.

"Strong south wind and the low humidity keeps things nice and dry," said Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow. "We have a heavily wooded area we are having a lot of accessibility issues getting our trucks back there."

As many as eight different fire departments helped to put down the flames and crews also got help from above.

“We’ve got a National Guard Chinook helicopter, they are making a lot of success with air drops of water," said Harlow.

Those choppers, along with a forestry service bulldozer, are all part of a statewide effort.

As fire danger promises to be even higher on Friday, officials are asking for help.

“The biggest hindrance, especially in the rural area, is traffic. Please don’t come out here and get in our way. And if you are asked to evacuate, please head the evacuation warning. I know it's voluntary, but we aren’t doing it for fun," said Harlow.

Residents were allowed back in the area Thursday night, but US Forestry Service officials have requested help from Arkansas crews as they expect even worse wildfire trouble on Friday.

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