Oklahoma lawmaker gets vulgar voicemails, alerts police

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Vile and vulgar - that is what one Oklahoma lawmaker is calling a voicemail that was left on his capitol office phone.

Representative Kevin Calvey said his assistant heard the message and alerted investigators. The voicemail makes references to Calvey's wife and 9-year-old daughter.

“We had a voicemail left at my office at the state capitol that made some very vulgar and ugly threats against my wife and 9-year-old daughter by name,” Calvey said.

“Hey, Kevin, you know what, you're down there s**king Harold Hamm's c**k, your wife, Toni, is s**king mine while your daughter, (name), sits in the other room and eats tide pods, you son of a b**ch,” the caller said.

Calvey said he was sitting in a committee hearing Wednesday when a trooper pulled him out to listen to the voicemail.

“You remember when you were crying about your f**king laws being unconstitutional because you're a f**king dumbass, and you pass unconstitutional laws and you tried to get rid of the bar association? How that work out for you, you f**king moron,” the caller said.

Calvey said he's no stranger to complaints but not ones that involve his wife and children.

“The fact that they named my wife and daughter by name was troubling and, so, we took it seriously," Calvey said. "The OSBI is investigating.”

“You f**king Del City f**king cracker” the voicemail said.

“We do not believe these are threats to public officials but certainly may fall under harassment,” said Jessica Brown, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokesperson.

Brown told News 4 agents are looking into several other cases of harassment involving House members.

“So, what we're doing today is trying to identify the individual or individuals who made these phone calls to different people, track that person down, talk to him or her and get an assessment of the situation,” Brown said.

It's a scary situation, according to the Calvey family.

“Anytime you hear children are threatened, you kind of go into momma bear mode,” said Toni Calvey.

OSBI is working on five cases of alleged threats against public officials. Brown said the majority of them were made in person or over the phone.

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