“He immediately just hits the gas,” Facebook Marketplace exchange ends with robbery, car crash

OKLAHOMA CITY - Police are often warning residents about using caution when buying and selling things online, but one woman says her scary case occurred in broad daylight at a senior living village.

"That is absolutely the most terrifying thing I've ever been through," says Shavon Braggs.

Braggs says it all started when she found an iPhone on Facebook Marketplace. She said she would pay the seller $325 and agreed to meet at Baptist Village, a senior housing community.

Braggs says things were going well until she noticed there was a pass code on the phone.

"So he's going through the phone and unlocking it, and I'm standing pretty close and all of a sudden, he just snatches the money out of my hand. So my first instinct was to reach in and snatch it back," Braggs recalled.

That's when the unexpected happened.

"He immediately just hits the gas," said Braggs.

Braggs was hanging out of the driver's side window, and was fighting with the alleged suspect- who was trying to push her into the street. The tussle caused him to lose control of the vehicle, which hit a pole.

The aftermath was caught on a witness' cell phone when the alleged suspect actually claimed that Braggs wrecked his car.

He said he wanted to call the police but when she did, Braggs said he took off with the money.

She turned the phone over to police as evidence.

The alleged suspect, identified as 18-year-old James Stephon Hill, Jr., was arrested the next day at an Edmond apartment complex for second-degree robbery and two warrants.

Police say meeting to purchase items can be dangerous, but Braggs did everything right.

"Unfortunately, we see cases like this all the time and actually, she did what we tell people to do - which is to meet in a well-lit area that's heavily populated," said Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Morgan also recommends meeting at police or fire departments for added protection. She says you should notify dispatch first.

As for Braggs, she says never again will she arrange to pick up items she finds online.