Major motion picture filmed in Oklahoma

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NORMAN, Okla. - It's lights, camera, hut-hut - a new major motion picture called Turkey Bowl is shooting in Norman.

"It's about a small town high school football team that decides to finish a game that was snowed out 15 years prior," said writer and director Greg Coolidge. "It's sort of 'Old School' meets 'Sweet Home Alabama' feel to it."

Coolidge wrote and produced movies like 'Employee of the Month' and 'Ride Along.' He grew up in Norman and is happy to be back in his old stomping grounds.

"To be able to come back here and shoot locally, it's a lot of fun," he said.

The movie features actors Ryan Hansen and Matt Jones, and former Sooner and Dallas Cowboys' coach Barry Switzer plays the football coach.

"He’s now retired, but they bring him out of a retirement home, literally hijack him out of the retirement home, to bring him back for the big game," Coolidge said.

With all the Hollywood equipment and personnel coming into Oklahoma for Turkey Bowl comes a lot of Hollywood money, as well.

"It's really a huge impact when you look at it from our restaurants to our even store owners, all seeing an increase in traffic," said Mandy Davis of the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce in Purcell.

Recently, Turkey Bowl shot a huge parade scene on Main Street in Purcell. Stores and residents pitched in with paint and were even used as extras in the scene.

"It was pretty cool actually, got my boys out of school, brought them down and let them experience the whole thing," said Purcell resident Felicia Mixon. "It was awesome."

Coolidge estimates over $1 million are spent directly into the Oklahoma economy on the film.

"Just our hotel bill alone, you go 'What!' so it's really cool, it’s a good sort of give-and-take when movies come into a state," he said.