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Oklahoma couple loses home of 50 years in fire

MARTHA, Okla. – An Oklahoma couple says they don’t know where to turn after their family home was destroyed by a fire.

Officials say the fire tore through the town of Martha on Saturday, destroying 15 homes in the process. In fact, the entire town had to evacuate to Martha Road Baptist Church.

“I’ve never seen my mother-in-law, father-in-law cry like that,” Chandler Peter told KSWO. “As well as my wife because this is where she grew up.”

Peter says the couple’s home of 50 years is now a total loss.

“My brother-in-law actually tried to fight the fire with a hose and had to be treated with smoke inhalation,” said Peter.

Jackson County Emergency Management Director Erik Mowbray said all the power and gas had to be cut off for the entire town due to the fire.

“At one point, I was sitting a block away from a stop sign and I could not see that stop sign,” Mowbray said. “The smoke was so thick. I ended up going into the smoke a couple of times and it got to where I couldn’t breathe or see. It kind of looked like a sea of red.”

If you would like to donate to the victims, contact the Martha Road Baptist Church.

Organizers say they do not need items or food, but are in need of monetary donations.