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“It gets depressing,” Leonardo wants to find his own family after his siblings are adopted

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Leonardo is a sweet 12-year-old who is searching for a family to call his own.

This fifth grader has a big passion for heights, and hopes to become a flight engineer one day.

He says he has already flown in a helicopter and a jet.

“We went up like this and he said we pulled seven G`s and then we turned and pulled Two G`s,” Leo said.

While flying is fun, Leonardo says that his favorite thing is food.

“My favorite thing to do is eat,” Leo said, adding that Italian food is his favorite.

He's a good student who loves math and science.

"This year, I have all A's and one B," he said.

His B is in art, a class that he says he finds challenging.

Another challenge has been living in DHS custody for the past two years.

“It gets depressing because you don't get to stay with nobody. You stay with other people,” Leo said.

He was recently separated from his two siblings, who are being adopted by another family.

Now, he's hoping it's his turn to find a permanent home. Leo says he isn't picky about where he ends up.

“Mom and dad, mom and mom, dad and dad. I really don`t care,” he said.

Ultimately, he wants out of DHS care and a chance to fulfill his dreams of traveling.

"I've never been out of Oklahoma," Leo said.

He says he would like to visit Brazil.

“Because the flowers and stuff and the water,” Leo said.

Afghanistan is also on his bucket list.

“So I can help the kids down there,” he said.

He’s a helpful young man with a selfless heart and a yearning for a family to call his own.

For more information on Leo, call Tom Peterson at (405) 325-9398.

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