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Man watches thief steal package while returning home from vacation

TULSA, Okla. – Andy Turner says he is well aware that porch pirates can strike at any time.

That’s why he says he paid an extra $5 to make sure that his packages would not be delivered when he was not home.

However, that’s exactly what happened.

Turner tells FOX 23 that he was on his way home from vacationing in Mexico when he got an alert that his packages had been delivered.

He said he was on the phone with the delivery company when he received an alert that someone was on his front porch.

“I asked the UPS guy, ‘Did you just send a truck by, someone in the neighborhood to pick up the package?’ He says, ‘No, sir. We didn’t,” Turner said.

He was able to watch on his cell phone as a man picked up two packages from his front porch and took off with them.

Turner filed a police report, and the companies ultimately replaced the stolen merchandise.