This Oklahoma rap artist writes a plea to a city on the move. ‘Don’t forget our homeless.’

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Changes every day, that's what William Bussard and his producer Ce Locke see just like everyone else who grew up in Oklahoma City.

"This is crazy, says Locke as he drives past a new construction area just south of the downtown area.

The old is clearing way for new.

They see good things happening to a city on the rise, that is, for most people.

Bussard is better known by his rapper name 'Dozer'.

This part-time songwriter, part-time contractor is a father of three who grew up on Oklahoma City's south side.

Lately, he's grown further with the hard luck stories of the city's homeless population.

"Just interacting with people," says Bussard. "You never know what they're going through until you sit down and talk to them."

Earlier this year Ce Locke put on his music video producer hat.

He and Dozer drove around to find some o the same spots undergoing the most change, spots where many of Oklahoma City's homeless camp out.

Bussard continues, "It's hard out here. If anyone of us fell on hard times we could be out here in two seconds flat."

They shot a video that struck a chord with other city residents.

Locke says, "This song is getting a lot of attention."

The lyrics warn listeners against leaving behind a portion of the population that gets left behind a lot.

"The most important thing isn't that we're getting views or anything. It's that these guys are getting help."

The verses in the song 'This Place' relay true stories that both Dozer and Slim have heard in their own previous efforts at helping the homeless.

Already, their hometown has changed enough to alter the places where they shot the video.

But the homeless are still there, the ones they hope all the rest of us don't bury beneath the rubble of the past.

For more information on Dozer and his music go to Dozer405okc on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

For music videos produced by Ce Locke go to

His YouTube channel is ekcolfilms.

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