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Loss of livestock due to wildfires hitting Oklahoma ranchers hard

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DEWEY COUNTY, Okla. - More than 100 cows have perished so far in the fires in northwest Oklahoma.

In just one section of the county, ranchers discovered the dead animals after the smoke cleared.

“I don’t know how to describe the feeling that both of us had that next morning when you drove up to the pastures as to what you’re going to find," said Denise Moore. "Then to see the cows and baby calves dead, it was just devastating.”

Moore and her family lost around 80 cows.

“It’s our income," said Larry Moore, Denise's husband. "It’s the way we make a living. You take these cows, these cows calved in January and February. Some of them had 150, 250 pound calves on them that we would sell in the fall of the year. That’s not going to be there.”

They say they were able to evacuate some cows, but others were trapped in the flames.

They say some of the cows are worth more than a thousand dollars each and this is a huge financial hit.

But they haven't given up hope.

“A lot of times you see on television all this crime and stuff, and these people that’s doing all of this good and helping and just doing everything they can for you, it’s got to make you feel good," said Larry Moore.

Donations are pouring in to help those in need.

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