Oklahoma police department creates 4/20 ‘contest’ to find the person with the most marijuana

WETUMKA, Okla. – An Oklahoma police department is doing its best to celebrate “4/20” in style.

Although recreational marijuana is still illegal in most states,  the 20th of April has become an annual ‘celebration’ for fans of the drug. According to the Oaksterdam Cannabis Museum, the date 4/20 became associated with marijuana use in the early 1970s with a group of teenagers in northern California.

The trend was picked up and became mainstream by the early 1990s.

This year, one local Oklahoma police department wants to join in the celebration.

On Friday, the Wetumka Police Department posted “contest” on Facebook.

“Since today is 4/20, we are giving away prizes to the person that has the most marijuana. If you think you have more marijuana than anyone else, and you want to enter this contest, come by and show us at 202 N Main Street!” the post read.

It doesn’t list what “prizes” will be won, or if anyone has taken them up on the offer.