Man arrested after fatally shooting daughter’s boyfriend in Del City

DEL CITY, Okla. - Del City police investigated a disturbance call on Saturday evening at a house at S.E. 27th and Glen Street and found much more.

A family gathering turned deadly - leaving a man, 27-year-old Joseph Groh, dead.

“Basically, it was a family BBQ, a lot of alcohol was involved," said Major Ted Kleber of the Del City Police Department. "It looked like everything happened right there in the kitchen."

Police said 59-year-old Frank Reynolds had been drinking heavily when he and his daughter’s boyfriend got into an argument. That’s when Reynolds drew a gun and shot Groh.

Groh was still alive when police arrived, and Reynolds had just fled the scene.

“The suspect was caught leaving the property further down the street. When officers arrived, they saw this pickup racing down the road, so they pulled him over and got him in custody," Kleber said. "They always argue, it’s a family dispute between those two, it's constant bickering back and forth.”

Groh leaves behind the girlfriend and two children, 5 and 4 years old. They were all present at the scene.

Reynolds, now in custody, has reportedly struggled with alcohol addiction for years but had never been to jail.

“He’s got a record with us, municipal stuff, traffic public intoxication, stuff like that," Kleber said. "Lots of disturbances at his house, fights and stuff like that but he has not been in county jail."