Neighbors rescue Oklahoma City woman screaming for help from alleged attacker who was tending to her yard

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man who was supposed to be doing yard work in northwest Oklahoma City is now accused of attempting to rape the woman he was working for.

On April 19th, several men performed yard work for a woman who lives in the 6000 block of N.W. 121st Street.

The woman said the men did an excellent job.

The following day, on April 20th, one of the men returned to the home to tear down a fence.

While the man, identified as Nathaniel James Williams, 29, was tearing down the fence, he told the woman he broke his hammer and asked if she could bring him another one.

According to the police report, when the woman went to get Williams another hammer from inside her garage, Williams came up from behind her and started assaulting the woman.

Williams allegedly tried to rip the woman’s shirt off and pulled her pants down.

The woman told police that she said she felt like Williams was trying to rape her.

Two neighbors heard the woman’s screams and ran to help.

One of the neighbors then started punching Williams in the face, causing him to bleed.

The neighbor was able to get the man out of the house and onto the driveway, where police officers found him “semi-conscious,” the police report states.

After Williams was medically cleared, he was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail for attempted rape and assault and battery.

Nathaniel James Williams, Oklahoma County Jail