Police investigating murder-suicide after man reports wife missing

TULSA, Okla. – A concerned husband led investigators to discover two bodies in an east Tulsa home.

Police say it all started when a man who was worried about his wife called 911 dispatchers on Saturday night, saying he hadn’t seen his wife since early that morning.

Through the investigation, authorities learned that the woman was having an affair and might be in danger.

“Through the process of taking that report, somebody notified the police that they noticed the female that was reported missing was on Facebook, tied up and was being beaten by her boyfriend. She was evidently having some extramarital affair,” Sgt. Dave Walker, with the Tulsa Police Department, told FOX 23.

When officers arrived at a home in east Tulsa, they heard muffled sounds but could not go inside the home until they had a search warrant.

After obtaining the search warrant, they found the woman and man dead from an apparent murder-suicide.

Police say the 33-year-old woman was shot to death, and they believe the 44-year-old man turned the gun on himself. Investigators say they found a suicide note from the man, saying that he was going to kill himself because his girlfriend planned to stay with her husband.