Two vehicles pulled from Oklahoma lake

OSAGE COUNTY, Okla. – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is looking into how two separate vehicles ended up at the bottom of Waxhoma Lake.

Last week, a fisherman called the Lake Patrol after finding a truck in the lake using his sonar device.

On Monday, the OHP Dive Team worked to pull two vehicles out of 18 feet of water.

Troopers say the truck could have been at the bottom of the lake for more than two decades since it was last registered in 1993.

“It’s been so long that it’s no longer registered to a person,” Trooper Dwight Durant told KJRH. “It’s registered as being written off by the insurance company.”

The front seats had been removed from the truck, and authorities don’t know much about the second vehicle due to the amount of silt.

“If you look in it, it’s got a foot or two of silt in it,” Trooper Durant said. “You don’t know if there’s a body in it because if it is, it’s going to be deteriorated.”

Troopers say the vehicles are being inspected, so they hope to find out soon how they ended up at the bottom of the lake.