Edmond counselor warning others after almost falling for jury duty scam

EDMOND, Okla. - Dr. Lori Crowson is a licensed counselor in Edmond.

Last week, she received a very strange voicemail from someone identifying himself as a Cleveland County deputy.

“I’ve been trying to reach you for the past few days,” the caller said. “If you can, make contact with us as soon as possible concerning an ongoing civil matter.”

Crowson immediately returned the call.

“He told me that, right off the bat, he said 'We have a warrant out for your arrest for failure to appear for jury duty.' And, immediately, my heart starts pumping. I’m like what?” Crowson said. “I said I am a doctor. I am an upstanding citizen. I don’t just not follow the law. I said I never got anything in the mail. And, he said 'Do you have any idea how many times a day I hear this?'”

The man gave Crowson the address to the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department and said she needed to come down with $1,800 in cash to avoid being arrested.

When her husband said they wanted to seek legal counsel first, the man said they were sending a deputy to the house to arrest Crowson.

“By then, I’m crying," Crowson said. "And, I’m looking at my husband. My grandson is crying because he’s now knowing what’s going on."

“If you don’t show up, we’re not going to come beat down your door and arrest you or we’re not going to call you and tell you to bring sums of money to us,” said Cleveland County Sheriff Todd Gibson.

Gibson said it’s a scam they’ve heard about before and have tried to track down.

“I don’t know why they seem to target sheriff’s offices. But, they do," Gibson said. "And, they’ve used my name They’ve used different deputies’ names."

Crowson did not give anyone money, but she spent that night at her parents’ house out of fear of being arrested.

And, she said the fear is still affecting her grandson.

“That hurts my heart, more than anything," Crowson said. "And, these people didn’t care."

If you have received a call like this, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department wants you to give them a call and make a report.