“It’s not fair,” Store manager says he was fired after customer was removed from store

OWASSO, Okla. – The district manager of an Oklahoma sporting goods store says he was fired after a customer’s video began making the rounds on Facebook.

It all started on Feb. 17 when employees at the Hibbett Sports in Owasso asked police to remove a customer from the store.

“The first thing he said to the girl was, ‘Are you the only one working?” former Hibbett Sports District Manager Jason Lock told KJRH. “They felt uneasy, the two female employees that were there, so they decided to call the police for a walk through.”

The incident report states that employees told police that they had a suspicious customer and wanted him to leave.

When police arrived, they asked Robert Robedeaux to leave. He filmed the encounter and posted it to social media.

Lock says that although he wasn’t at the store that night, he was recently fired after 15 years with the company because of the social media video.

“I feel like [the employees] did the right thing,” Lock said. “The company was like, you know, we can’t have anything escalate like Starbucks.”

Robedeaux’s attorney told KJRH that the incident is an example of racial profiling.

However, Lock, who is in a biracial relationship, says that is not the case.

“I lost my job and it’s not fair,” he said.