Oklahoma mother says son was left paralyzed in state prison

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LEXINGTON, Okla. - An Oklahoma mother said her son was left paralyzed in a state prison.

"I love you, son, and I want you to hang in there, and there is a God and Jesus and just pray," said Janet Woods.

Woods said her son, Kenneth Woods Jr., was in state custody and participating in a recovery program when he complained of an infected tooth.

"He had a toothache, which his cheek was swollen, and they did not give him no antibiotics a week, two weeks before. Nothing," said Woods, who tells News 4 it took a month for her son to see a doctor.

Woods said the Department of Corrections failed to promptly give her son treatment until it was too late.

After being transferred to multiple facilities, her son ended up at the facility in Lexington.

"When they pulled his tooth, they didn't even give him no pain medicine," she said. "They just pulled it and, after that, not too long after that, the poison went to his bloodstream."

She said her son was left paralyzed from the neck down.

"I want these people sued for what they've done to my son," Woods said. "I've lost my daughter three and a half years ago and her husband, and I just need something done."

News 4 reported on the traffic accident that claimed her daughter's life in 2014.

We have reached out to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections about her son's condition, but a representative couldn't comment due to HIPPA.

Woods is also pleading with the governor to let her son out on parole.

"Mary Fallin didn't sign the papers last time two months ago," Woods said.  "And, so, Lexington represented all the paperwork, and we don't know if she's going to okay it or not."

We reached out to Governor Fallin's office, and a representative confirmed the request for parole was denied.

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board recommended the parole but also confirms Fallin's denial.

"Please, just let him go," Woods said. "Let him come home because he's not getting the right treatment. I can get him the right treatment if you just let him come home."

Woods said she is trying to raise money to help her son.

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections released the following statement regarding Woods' claims:

"The allegations by Inmate Woods’ mother are false and inaccurate.  As the law requires, DOC ensures every inmate in DOC custody receives appropriate medical, dental, and mental health care and treatment.  However, DOC is governed by state and federal laws regarding the confidentiality of inmates’ protected health information.  Therefore, DOC is unable to address the specific allegations raised by Inmate Woods’ mother."

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