Man with cerebral palsy runs Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon with his best friend

OKLAHOMA CITY - When Connor Petty and Steven Marrs met at a camp for those with special needs, they had no idea the friendship that was about to form.

"We laugh that we're brothers just because we have a lot of the same passions," Petty said.

Marrs is 35-years-old and has cerebral palsy.

One day, he and Petty were volunteering at a run for Camp Barnabas when Marrs said something to Petty that would change their lives.

"We were hoping to hand out trophies at the end of the race to the participants and when Steve was standing there, he said 'I've always wanted to run a race,’” Petty said.

That's when Petty knew he had to make that dream a reality.

"I thought that was pretty cool for someone with a disability to say that,” Petty said with tears in his eyes. "After that, it really wasn't a question for me."

Since then, they have been a force to be reckoned with on the course.

"We have run a total of eight half marathons and two full marathons together,” Petty said.

And they do it no matter the conditions.

"26 degrees out and it didn't get above freezing, so there was ice everywhere. A lot of people didn't show up for it, but Steven, even with his light weight can't stay warm, pushed through," Petty said.

This weekend, Petty is coming to Oklahoma City from Tulsa to run the half in the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.  They'll be wearing shirts with words "Two guys, one dream" on them.

A mantra they take with them every step of the way.

"Steven helps remind me that there's more to do and there's a lot that we can do," Petty said.

The camp where they met raised $1,000 for Marrs to get his jogging stroller.

For more information on Camp Barnabas in Missouri, visit its website.