Mysterious stone uncovered on Midwest City property

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -  As temperatures finally warmed on Thursday, a Midwest City woman found a mysterious stone while clearing twigs and weeds from her backyard.

It appears to be poured concrete with pilot wings etched into it, along with the letters USAF 48. She took a picture of it and sent it to News 4, and the viewer suggestions came pouring in.

"Many people settled in Midwest City after WWII. Many neighborhoods around and close to Tinker AFB were developed then. Probably a family's homage to that," one view suggested.

"It may very well be a memorial stone for the 48th Fighter Wing, and a past owner of that home placed it in the yard and over the years it got covered up," another viewer said.

News 4 went out to the home and found a faint stone rectangle directly south of the poured concrete marker.

The resident has been in the house less than six months and doesn't want to disturb the site without knowing what exactly it is.

Our investigation started with a call to Tinker Air Force Base. After several redirects, we reached Public Affairs officials. They say they didn't know what it was, but said they would continue to ask through their chain of command.

Next, News 4 called the Oklahoma History Center. The museum director didn't recognize the stone but thought it might have something to do with the creation of the Air Force in 1947-1948.

We also contacted the City of Midwest City. City officials say the property has never been owned by the Air Force and it had never been zoned as a cemetery.

The county assessor's office said there was a VA loan associated with the home in the 1950s, but had no other explanation for the marker.