Police: Suspects accused of breaking into almost 40 vehicles within one week

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Village police officers arrested several people who they believe are responsible for nearly 40 car burglaries over the past five days following a high-speed chase early Friday morning.

Residents say their neighborhood in the Village is usually quiet and crime-free.

"Really peaceful. People usually out walking their dogs and stuff," Robin, a Village resident, told News 4.

"There's usually not anything in this area," another Village resident said.

However, there has been a large string of burglaries over the past few days.

"Almost an unprecedented amount of auto burglaries committed in our city over the last week or so," Deputy Chief Russ Landon, with the Village Police Department, said.

Landon said they've received reports of about 40 auto burglaries in the area.

Fortunately, that crime spree came to an end early Friday morning.

"About 4 o'clock this morning, our officers were dispatched to the area of Westchester and Pennsylvania on a report of a citizen following auto burglary suspects. So our officers raced to the area," Landon said.

That led to a chase reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour at one point. It all ended with a crash outside of an apartment complex near N.W. 63rd and Meridian.

Then, the suspects took off.

"Thanks to our friends at OKC, their helicopter helped us track the individuals to the apartment complex over there and we did take three suspects into custody. Two adult males and one juvenile," Landon said.

Dakota Rogers, Tanner Webb and a juvenile were taken into custody at the scene.

Inside their car, police found guns, stolen property and one of the alleged suspects had meth on him.

"We have so many people that are packed into a small area, and so many vehicles parked in the street and in driveways and unfortunately, every single one of these cars has been left unlocked," Landon said.

"I usually don't have good luck, but I'm feeling pretty lucky right now," Robin said.

That's because Robin keeps her car unlocked every day. Somehow, she wasn't a victim.

Police now have a warning for area residents like Robin.

"Number one take away is lock your cars. Number two, bring all your valuables inside," Landon said.

Landon said police had filed felony burglary charges against the juvenile suspect earlier in the week.

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