Thunder Season Ends in Utah With Controversial Ending

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After all the hoopla in the offseason about the Thunder’s Big Three, the decisive game that eliminated them from the playoffs and ended their season was about the Big Three.   Carmelo Anthony was not a factor really in the entire series, Paul George had a horrible shooting night in Game 6, and Russell  Westbrook nearly carried OKC to the win with 46 points.    But it’s what happened to Westbrook after the game that everybody’s talking about Nate.

That’s right Brian, we found this sign not too far away from our report site here and it kind of sums up just how Jazz fans viewed Russell Westbrook all series and he actually got into a little bit of an interaction with a fan after the game.

A fan tried to take a picture of Russell as he walked off the court, Russell didn’t like that, he swiped at the fan and afterwards in the postgame press conference, Westbrook was asked about the incident.

Westbrook says, “It’s just a disrespect to the game and I think it’s something that needs to be brought up.   I’m tired of going out and playing and let fans just say whatever the hell they want to say.   I’m not with that.   Because if I was on the street, they wouldn’t just come up to me and say anything.   Because I don’t play that ****.  So I think it’s just disrespectful and they get the chance to do whatever they want to do.  It needs to be put to a stop, especially here in Utah.”

Westbrook usually doesn’t get too riled up about questions, but he did to that one, and this one, when he was asked about tying his playoff career high for field goals attempted with 43.

Westbrook says, “I don’t react to nobody, honestly bro I don’t.   You guys in here, people at home, people across the world, it don’t really matter man.   One ear, out the other.   Only thing that matters to me is the Man Above is God, my family, my teammates, the organization.”

Westbrook took 43 shots, Paul George didn’t take nearly that many and didn’t make many at all, just 2 of 16 from the field.

That’s right Brian, not exactly the playoff finish most fans had in mind for “Playoff P.”   He missed 10 consecutive shots down the stretch and he actually had several looks to tie this game and keep it going and ended up with more turnovers, 6, than actual points, with five.

George adds, “Just so happened to be the game where I needed to play, or make shots.   Where we lose by five points.   I mean that’s going to happen over a series.   You’re going to have a bad shooting night.  It doesn’t make me feel unaccomplished or nothing moving forward.”

Jazz fans liked to change “Playoff P” to “Pushoff P” here in Utah, and will Paul push off and go somewhere else next season.   He was already asked about that and his future going forward with the Thunder.

George says, “It was great, it was a lot to be happy about.  The fans, the city, the organization, everything has been unbelievable.   I would love to remain a Thunder.  But that’s what this summer is for.    So we’ll address that in the summer."

For the first time in franchise history, the Thunder have lost in the first round of the playoffs in back-to-back seasons.    It’s going to be an interesting offseason.   Free agency begins in July, where the Thunder go from there, right now nobody knows.  

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