Alleged intoxicated man accused of trying to get woman, two teens into his car in Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – An alleged intoxicated man was arrested after he allegedly tried to get a woman and two teens walking in northwest Oklahoma City into his car.

On April 29th, around 1 p.m., a woman called police saying  a man, who seemed drunk, had been following her in a tan Trailblazer.

She said the man had tried to kidnap her.

The woman told police that she was attempting to cross the street near N.W. 96th and Garnett when a man, later identified as 59-year-old Jerry Stewart, pulled in front of her.

She said Stewart told her to get in the car.  When she refused, he allegedly reached out of his window and grabbed her shirt, telling her again to get in the car.

The woman said Stewart started pulling her into the car by her shirt.

She said she was able to get away and call police.

The man followed her home and pulled up against the curb, the police report states.

When he eventually left, the woman and her boyfriend got into a vehicle and tried to find the man while they called police.

During that time, another person called police saying they were also following Stewart.

The caller told police that she had seen Stewart near N.W. 95th and Shartel in his vehicle, talking to two young teen girls.

She also said Stewart appeared to be trying to get them in his vehicle.

The caller said that is when she intervened and told Stewart to leave the girls alone and started following him.


Eventually, the man had stopped his vehicle in the 300 block of N.W. 89th and had gotten out.

When a police officer showed up to the scene, he noted Stewart appeared to have been drinking.

He was arrested for attempted kidnapping and public drunkenness.