Oklahoma City man arrested after allegedly forcing himself into stranger’s home

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol was arrested after reportedly forcing himself into a stranger’s home.

On April 28th, around 8:30, a man called police after 27-year-old Caleb McClure allegedly forced himself into his home.

The man said he saw McClure sitting on his front porch when he asked him to leave.

The man told police McClure seemed drunk.

McClure reportedly told the man that he wasn’t going to leave.

A short while later, McClure was still on the man’s porch, so he opened his door and asked him to leave again.

That is when the man said McClure forced himself into the home.

The man, who was armed with a pistol, had called police during this time.

The dispatcher noted they could hear McClure taunting the victim to shoot him.

When officers showed up to the home, McClure was quickly arrested.