Woman brazenly steals little girl’s bike in Moore

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MOORE, Okla. - A middle-aged woman walks up a driveway in Moore, takes a little girl’s bike, leaves an old worn-out one and rides away - and it's all caught on camera.

“I noticed the bike on my driveway, and it wasn’t the bike that’s always there,” said home owner Jose Rangel.

Rangel went to his video surveillance system and found shocking footage.

The middle-aged lady is seen walking up his driveway at almost 3 a.m. Friday.  Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she puts down her old one and takes the daughter’s new one.

“I've got security cameras facing up and down the driveway," Rangel said. "I can see everything. You come up to my driveway, I can see you."

Rangel said his daughter had just lost her sick dog earlier in the week and to now lose her favorite bike was too much.

“I was pretty heated. My daughter had lost her dog, and she was pretty upset about that so I was mad." Rangel said. "She knew what she was doing. It's not the worth of the bike; it's something personal. It's my daughter's, you know, that means a lot."

"I saw it, and I was pretty mad because I just lost my dog," said 9-year-old Brooklyn, Rangel's daughter. "Well, that’s really the only bike I wanted when I saw it. I didn’t want any other bike. I just wanted that one."

Rangel has filed a report with the Moore police. He said the multiple bags on her in the video point to other criminal activity.

“It was lit back here. I guess she saw it from the street," he said. "She had several purses, so there wasn’t good intentions behind it."

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