Emergency officials prepare plan in case of severe weather

OKLAHOMA CITY - With severe weather in the forecast this week, it's time to get that plan of action ready if storms hit your area.

Emergency management officers with the city of Oklahoma City are doing their part to prepare for severe storms.

"When there's severe weather, we monitor the local news media and we watch all the TV stations on these monitors so we can see the video feed from the storm trackers in the field," said Oklahoma City Emergency Manager Frank Barnes.

A team of around 40 people keep their eyes on those screens, ready to activate any of the 182 warning sirens if needed.

"Probably the most important thing to know is 'Where am I going to take shelter? Where am I going to go?'" Barnes said. "And, if you have a shelter in place, you have a residential storm shelter, you should have a kit."

Officials are reminding residents to have a plan in place and your shelter stocked up with items including, food, water, insurance papers, medicine, blankets and flashlights.

"Keep in mind, with severe thunder storms, you get heavy rain. Then, you have to be prepared for a potential of flash flooding," Barnes said. "So, you're only taking shelter long enough for the tornado threat to get by and, then, you need to get out of there."