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Healdton Public Schools install storm/active-shooter shelters

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HEALDTON, Okla. - Educators said they are taking the upper hand in protecting their students.

"This is rated for an EF5 tornado, and I've actually been inside it," said Healdton Superintendent Terry Shaw. "We've actually shot any handgun, any assault rifle that's been used in a school shooting thus far at this, and it will not penetrate. They also shot the 50 caliber, the tank destroyers and it will not penetrate."

Healdton Public Schools has installed storm shelters that double as active-shooter shelters.

Thirty-five students and two teachers can fit in each shelter and the elementary school has seven shelters — enough for every student to fit in.

The shelters also serve as reading areas for the students, who said they have no problem with them.

"Safe and protected," said 9-year-old Luke Puckett. "They did a gun test about two years ago, and there were people in it and it didn't go through it."

Six of the shelters were paid for with a bond issue, and the seventh was donated.

The middle school also has two larger shelters, and officials hope to get the high school equipped with them in the near future.

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