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Insurance companies offering discounts to Oklahomans with tornado-resilient homes

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OKLAHOMA CITY – As residents across Oklahoma prepare for severe weather season, the Oklahoma Insurance Department says that certain precautions could save you money.

Officials say dozens of insurance companies are now offering discounts to Oklahomans who have built or retrofitted their homes to certain tornado-resilient standards.

“Storm season is here, and we’ve got to be thinking proactively to save lives and property,” said Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak. “I’m proud to see our insurance companies stepping up for Oklahomans. Homeowners will see the advantage of having a stronger home with more affordable insurance rates, higher resale value and can withstand up to an EF-2 tornado.”

House Bill 1720, which passed in 2017, requires an insurance company’s savings to be passed on to the consumer. If a homeowner retrofits or builds a new home to certain specified standards, the bill requires the insurance company to factor the more resilient construction into the insurance premium.

To find out if your insurance company offers the tornado-resilient discount, call your agent.

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