“We are very thankful,” KFOR viewer replaces little girl’s stolen bike

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MUSTANG, Okla. - It's a story that pulled at the heartstrings of some, and angered others.

Jose Rangel noticed a stranger's bicycle in his driveway, so he decided to look through his security footage.

On the footage, a woman is seen dropping off her bike and stealing a bicycle belonging to Rangel's daughter.

“I was pretty heated. My daughter had lost her dog, and she was pretty upset about that, so I was mad," Rangel said. "She knew what she was doing. It's not the worth of the bike; it's something personal. It's my daughter's, you know, that means a lot."

However, Rangel wasn't the only one who was getting heated about the theft.

Cheryl Monasco was watching News 4 in her living room in Mustang on Monday night when she saw Rangel's story.

“It made me mad.  I grew up in Moore. I'm protective of that town. I work here at an elementary cafeteria and I'm kinda partial to the little kids,” Monasco said.

She sent an email to News 4 asking if she could help by buying a replacement bike for Rangel's daughter, Brooklyn.

With her money, News 4 went to the store and picked out the perfect pink ride for Brooklyn. We made sure it passed the test with Cheryl, then went to the Rangel home in Moore.

The surprise was on as our crew went up that same driveway with a brand new bike for Brooklyn.

“I love it,” said Brooklyn.

“That’s what I tell her, for one person that does something wrong, there are 100 that do something right. Something good for her, we are very thankful," said Delia Rangel, Brooklyn's grandmother.

As for Cheryl, there is one thing she wants 9-year-old Brooklyn to remember.

“Not all middle-aged women are bad,” she said.

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