Oklahoma teen escapes from car in flash flood

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Wednesday's rain caused flash flooding across the metro and in Oklahoma City.

The high waters left many drivers stranded, and several others became trapped.

A metro teen said he was out delivering pizza when he hydroplaned into high waters in a drainage ditch.

Ethan Justice said it happened in a matter of seconds. The young man had to climb out of a window to escape.

“I was just delivering pizzas, going down Reno, when I hydroplaned and lost control of the car, and it went into the ditch and just sitting underneath the water," he said. "It seemed like it took seconds, and I was going underneath the speed limit and everything, and lost control so fast."

Justice had to climb out of the window to escape. He said his advice to other drivers in situations like this is to turn around when you see high waters.

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