Man arrested after assaulting Oklahoma officer

OWASSO, Okla. – A man was arrested after assaulting an officer last month.

Owasso police say they responded to a domestic assault call two weeks ago at a gas station.

“When they went to make contact with the male, he locked himself inside of a car and refused to come out,” said Nick Boatman with the Owasso Police Department.

Video obtained by FOX 23 shows officers telling the suspect, Splendor Morales, to roll down the windows and open the door.

Splendor Morales

Officers eventually forced Morales out of the car to put him in handcuffs, but struggled with officers and bit one of them, causing the officer’s skin to break.

According to police, Morales also reached for one of the officer’s belts, “in an apparent attempt to grab his weapon.”

The officer and suspect were both sent to the hospital so doctors could perform blood tests to make sure no diseases or infections were exchanged.

Morales is facing charges for assault and battery on an officer and resisting arrest.