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Attorney for Oklahoma DUI suspect wants victim’s blood samples

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A former officer was arrested for driving drunk and causing a wreck. The wreck put Jerome Carter in a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Now, the former officer's attorney is asking for blood samples taken from the victim and he's pointing to social media as the reason why.

“If the young man is just minding his business, and he's on a motorcycle, and he happens to like rap music and happens to play video games, it does not mean he is deserving to be plowed over by a Ford F-150,” said attorney Jacqui Ford.

Adam Vanlandingham is still in jail accused of being drunk and causing the crash that left Carter fighting for his life.

Vanlandingham, a former Ada police officer, is now trying to prove his innocence before the start of a trial. His attorney filled a motion to get Carter's blood immediately after the accident happened.

We talked to a legal expert, and she said the move is typical in most DUI cases.

“Certainly, anytime you're defending someone who's accused of causing harm as a result of alcohol, we want to check to see if everybody else is under the influence too,” Ford said.

The court documents said, "in part, because of the social media affiliations of Mr. Carter, the defendant has the reason to believe Mr. Carter's blood test may be prove admissible in this matter."

“In my limited amount of time to review Mr. Carter's social media, there doesn't seem to be anything that would indicate that he is an avid alcoholic or a serious drug abuser,” Ford said.

We tried contacting Vanlandingham's attorney, James Neal, at his law office but, so far, he hasn’t called us back.

“I'm not really sure of the attorney's agenda in this regard because he's going to get this information anyway without slandering the young man,” Ford said.

We also talked to the Pontotoc County district attorney. He said he wasn't aware of the motion but is working with the family to release blood or toxicology results if they're available.

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