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Missouri mother has closure after concerns about son’s burial

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Missouri mother now has closure after she was worried that her infant son’s burial was botched.

“I was 18 years old, didn’t know a lot, but I was ready. I was grateful for the opportunity to love him,” Sarah Postpichal told WDAF, remembering her baby boy, Weston.

She only got to spend seven short hours loving him – Weston was stillborn from a brain defect.

“This was totally unexpected and it hurt,” Postpichal said.

A local nonprofit helped pay for all burial expenses at Forest Hills Cemetery in Kansas City.

A family member placed a statue at the foot of the grave site, which is where Postpichal grieved for six months — until one day it was suddenly moved two grave sites over.

“Immediately went into the cemetery office and asked why it had been moved,” Postpichal said. “They had no answers. All they ended up doing was gifting me a headstone and saying, ‘This is where your son is at. You’ll never lose him again.”

The headstone was put where the statue had been moved, two plots over from where Postpichal thought her baby was buried.

This Easter, she hit something hard and not very deep in the ground while putting blue pinwheels in the ground near the headstone.

“A week later, I got a phone call saying that the grave was at 18 inches deep, which was the proper depth for cremated infant remains,” Postpichal said. “My son wasn’t cremated.”

In fact, she has the embalming records, casket receipt and pictures to prove it.

Postpichal said cemetery management told her she was mistaken. To find out otherwise, they’d have to dig up whatever’s under the headstone.


“Now I have to figure out a way to come up with $4,800 to have my baby removed from the ground, from his final resting place – if this is my baby,” Postpichal said. “There’s no guarantee. I just need answers. That’s all I want.”


Ultimately, the cemetery’s parent company, Stonemor, unearthed the casket. The baby inside was Postpichal’s son, but he was buried just barely a foot below the surface, far less than the recommended three feet.

FOX 4 reports that Catholic Cemeteries stepped in to offer a free plot and re-burial at Mt. Olivet.

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