Man arrested after breaking into metro woman’s home, beating her

OKLAHOMA CITY - A man was arrested after a metro woman said she was woken up by an intruder in her family's home and beaten, before he stole their belongings.

It happened after Jessica Metevelis' husband left for work. She got out of bed to investigate a noise she heard in the house she thought was empty.

"I saw a figure walk into my boys' room, which they weren't home," Metevelis said.

That's when the stranger, Lamarcus Davenport, allegedly met her in the hallway.

Metevelis said she remained calm.

"Just leave, you don't have to do anything, just leave," she said she told him.

She said he ran away from her, and thinking he left, she went into her room to call 911 and get her gun. However, he was still in the house.

"He just came up behind me and hit me over the head," Metevelis said.

He allegedly forced her onto the bed as he rummaged through their valuables, beating her several more times with some sort of wooden club.

"Anytime I moved, he just came over and hit me on the head again," she said, creating a gash on her head and breaking her hand as she tried to shield herself from the blows.

"Finally, I didn’t hear any noise, and I looked up," Metevelis said, "and the lights were off, and he was gone."

Davenport allegedly stole her phone, among other things, so she walked door-to-door until she found a neighbor and called 911. It didn't take long for officers to find Davenport nearby.

"Officers were able to take him into custody," said Oklahoma City Police Office Megan Morgan, "and when they did, they ended up finding several items that belonged to the victim, including some cash, and a cell phone, and a purse."

Throughout the ordeal, Metevelis said she was never scared and kept her cool.

"I know that my protection comes from somewhere else, from God," she said."So I’m, I know He was there. No matter what happened, I know He’s got me, so, peace from that."

Davenport is charged with burglary in the first degree, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, larceny from the house, and knowingly concealing stolen property.