A grieving family, a lost 4 year old son, and a fitting tribute to a boy who loved everything fast and loud.

PURCELL, OKLAHOMA -- He was the kind of kid who was hard to keep up with.

"He didn't want to miss a minute of anything," says Kylier Phillips dad Ryan. "

Kylier Phillip's own internal motor was as fast and loud as the street racers and motorcycles he loved even when he was sick.

"He was an outgoing kid," continues Ryan. "He always put smiles on everyone's faces."

The Phillips family, Ryan, Rachel, and 3-year-old Kaprie, are all struggling with the notion that Kylier's 2 and a half-year battle with a rare form of cancer ended less than a week ago.

Kaprie holds up a snapshot of the family.

Rachel says, "This is the last family picture we had taken."

Kaprie points out, "That's Bubba."

He would have turned 5 in December.

Rachel admits, "We're still processing it. We haven't really processed that he's gone."

The 'Team Kylier' sign still up by their front door in Norman, his room still full of toys, Ryan wanted to celebrate his son's loud love for life with the kind of send off he would have liked.

Ryan says, "He loved watching races with me. Car races, street races, everything."

Phillips put out the word among his hot rod and street racing friends, some motorcycle groups too.

He was thinking of a kind of car show parade, a proud procession worthy of Kylier's tastes.

"Anything with a motor, he loved it," smiles Ryan.

The funeral took place in Purcell early on a Wednesday afternoon.

Friends and family came to mourn Kylier's loss.

During the funeral service Ryan tearfully told a packed chapel, "His soul touched the hearts of many."

Then, this happened.

More than 100 motorcycles and dozens of street racers formed a long, noisy motorcade to the cemetery.

Someday when this family gets a little further down the road, when Kylier's many friends recall his life and struggle with sickness, they'll remember this too, a funeral procession to end them all, loud and boisterous like a 4-year-old boy.

Not so much an ending as a send off, and a promise to meet again someday.