Man facing charges after walking naked, struggling with officers in north Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY – A man is facing charges after he was found walking naked in north Oklahoma City. Officials say he also struggled with officers while they tried to arrest him.

On April 23, an officer responded to the area near Penn and Wilshire after receiving a radio call of a man who was walking without any clothes on near Penn and Wilshire.

After making contact with the man, 23-year-old Terrance McDonald, the officer “advised over the radio of a Taser deployment at 11:20.” A second officer arrived on scene as the other officer was telling McDonald to “stay on the ground and to put his hands out,” according to court records.

Terrance McDonald

Police say they then tased McDonald a second time because he was not complying with their orders.

After McDonald continued to struggle with officers, police say they warned him “to comply or a dry stun would be activated. The subject continued to struggle and a dry stun was administered.”

More officers arrived on scene and finished handcuffing McDonald.

McDonald spent more than a week in the county jail. Because he’s an adult without guardianship, there was little his family could do to get him treated.

News 4 spoke with McDonald’s mother last week, who said her son was diagnosed as a bipolar schizophrenic a year ago. She says he got it under control with medication, but for the first time since then, he’s been in relapse.

“I just need somebody to help us,” McDonald’s mother, Nicon Thomas, told News 4. She said she’s desperate, trying to find a way to protect her son, but has only run into dead ends.

“He’s not getting the medication, so it’s making him stay at a child’s mind where he’s confused,” said Thomas, adding that he doesn’t know who he is, let alone his family or the world around him.

Police initially charged him with public intoxication among other charges, but those have since been dropped.

“It is a revolving door, and particularly with those that are mentally ill,” Cpl. Tara Hardin said. “We see them quite a bit.”

McDonald has now been charged with indecent exposure and resisting arrest.