National Weather Service: 15 tornadoes confirmed across Oklahoma during severe weather event

LONE WOLF, Okla. – It’s been a week since severe storms moved through the state, and researchers are still assessing the damage.

So far, the National Weather Service says it has been able to confirm 15 tornadoes across the state during the May 2 severe weather event.

Although there were possibly more, officials were able to determine that tornadoes touched down in the following areas:

  • EF 0- Near Lake Altus
  • EF 0 – S.E. of Lone Wolf
  • EF 0 – Near Davidson
  • EF 0 – Near Davidson
  • EF 1 – Near Davidson
  • EF 1 – S. of Hollister
  • EF 2 – Near Loveland
  • EF 0 – S.E. of Grandfield
  • EF1 – S. of Chattanooga
  • EF 1 – N.W. of Rush Springs
  • EF 1- S.W. of Amber
  • EF 1- E. of Amber
  • EF 1- N.E. Norman
  • EF 1- Purcell
  • EF 1- Near Macomb.

One of the first tornadoes occurred just south of Lone Wolf in Kiowa County. News 4 stormtrackers Marc Dillard and Al Lopez captured lifting and turning dust on Hwy 44, just south of Lone Wolf.

While the storms moved through the state quickly, much of the system was rain-wrapped, making it difficult to see exactly what was happening from the ground.

Fortunately, no injuries as a result of the storms have been reported.