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OKC body shop goes belly up, locks up customer’s pick-up

OKLAHOMA CITY - Travis Shaw can't get to his pick-up.

It’s locked up and the lights are out.

Owners, Stephen and Rianna Sellars, were forced out by their landlord, but not before Travis paid them $3,900 cash for repairs.

“That was it,” Travis said. “That's all I had left actually from selling my house.”

He paid Collision King the money up front.

The Sellars' body shop is in OKC, but they had been living at a home just outside of Wellston.

Things have changed, though.

Stephen Sellars is now residing at the Lincoln County lock-up, where he's been since September, facing serious charges, including forcible sodomy, lewd conduct, and raping a child.

Prosecutors are alleging the abuse went on for years.

“I used to golf with him,” Travis said. “I guess I got too much trust in people.”

Stephen Sellars was also a long-time first responder with the Wellston Fire Department.

His wife, Rianna, had been running their OKC body shop in his absence, until their landlord kicked them out for owing over $10,000 in rent.

Travis says he only dealt with Rianna, and Travis' ex-wife, Annette, is willing to vouch for him.

She said, “I brought Travis up here to give her the $3,900, so that's how I know he for sure paid her that cash. He counted it out in my car, then took it into her.”

Rianna Sellers responded to our message on Facebook.

She says she's been in touch with Travis and claims he's the one who left his pick-up at their body shop for months with little or no contact, and the cash he already paid them went towards service and storage fees.

There's no mention of storage fees anywhere on Travis’ invoice and estimate.

It shows he made his $3,900 down payment for parts to Collision King about one month after receiving the estimate.  

Things are starting to look up for Travis.

Since he was able to prove he owns the pick-up, the landlord let him have it, so he could tow it to a second body shop.

Problem is, Travis, a handyman, is out of money to repair it and says without reliable transportation, he's struggling to make a living.

Rianna tells The In Your Corner Team there's more to the story, but her attorney won't let her talk.

Travis can sue, but even if he wins, there's no guarantee he'll ever be able to collect on the judgment.

Stephen Sellars' bond is set at nearly half a million dollars.

As of now, his case will go to a jury trial next month.