Suspect tries to swim from police in Oklahoma River

OKLAHOMA CITY - Two drug trafficking suspects are facing charges - despite one of their best efforts to swim from the law.

The encounter began when the suspects refused to pull over for a traffic violation and came to an end near 15th and Portland along the Oklahoma River.

After a short chase, one suspect surrendered - officers' body cameras were rolling as the other tried to swim away.

As officers approached and asked him to come to shore, the suspect - identified as 46-year-old Travis Brown - attempted to hold out but appeared to be tired, as he began floating on his back.

Eventually, Brown headed back to shore where he was arrested.

Officers found a large amount of cash on Brown and his passenger, 36-year-old Jeremy Diel.

They also found packages of meth nearby that they believe the two men threw out the window.

They were both arrested on drug trafficking charges.