No charges filed against Oklahoma City police captain accused of shooting neighbor’s dog

OKLAHOMA CITY – Officials say that an Oklahoma City police captain will not face charges for the shooting death of his neighbor’s dog.

Donnie Newton said a neighbor shot and killed his pit bull, Fat Boy,  right in front of their home on February 22.

“I’m still devastated over it,” Newton said. “I can’t hardly, I think about it every night. I dream about it every night, you know, and it’s really bothering me.”

Officials say Oklahoma City Police Capt. Brian Williford was off-duty and carrying his personal rifle when he went to confront his neighbors about their dogs possibly bothering his cattle.

According to a police report, Williford said he shot Fat Boy because the dog kept charging aggressively at him.

The family said that’s not true.

“I know my dog was not aggressive, came off the porch, sat there and barked twice,” Newton said. “He shot him in the head and killed him right in front of my eyes.”

Following  the shooting, the Oklahoma City Police Department opened an investigation into the case.

On Friday, authorities told KFOR that the investigation is complete but that the Canadian County District Attorney's Office declined to file charges.