Oklahoma babysitter facing child abuse charge after infant rushed to hospital

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ENID, Okla. - An Enid woman is facing a child abuse charge after police say she hurt an infant she was babysitting.

Mirella Salas- Morales, 27, was arrested after police responded to a home on the 800 block of East Cedar in Enid. They were told a 5-month-old baby boy was not breathing.

When they arrived on the scene, the baby was having an active seizure. He was first rushed to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center before being flown to OU Children’s in Oklahoma City.

According to Det. Sgt. Nick John, with the Enid Police Department, Salas-Morales was brought in for questioning that same day and claimed she had done nothing that would have caused the baby to have a seizure.

However, Det. Sgt. John said as the interview went on, Salas-Morales’ story changed.

“She added more things to the story from when nothing happened to the child to something possibly could have happened to the child and gave an explanation to what could have happened,” John told News 4. “She added that she possibly could have hit the child’s head on a doorway in the kitchen to cause the injuries to the child.”

An affidavit states Salas-Morales used a toy doll to demonstrate what happened during the interview with detectives.

“Mirella was shaking the doll so hard that it appeared that Mirella was going to drop the doll. Mirella was also shaking the doll in a way that if it was [the baby], [the baby’s] head would be bouncing out of control,” the affidavit reads.

John said a detective asked Salas-Morales how hard she she shook the baby on a scale of one through ten, ten being the hardest. According to John, she answered "I shook it at a 10."

She did not give an explanation for the incident.

The affidavit also states the baby suffered two acute actively bleeding subdural hematomas, rightward subfalcine, trastentorial herniations, and parenchymal edema. These injuries are consistent with abusive head trauma, according to a doctor with OU Children's Medical Hospital.

The suspect also told detectives she was the only person inside the East Cedar home the day of the incident. She is currently in jail on a $500,000 bond.

According to police, the baby is listed under “stable condition.”

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