Group hosts ‘Oklahoma Teacher Car Show’ to benefit educators

TULSA, Okla. – It’s not the typical vehicles you would find on display for a car show, but organizers say that is the point.

Chevy Silverados, Toyota Camrys and Honda Civics graced the parking lot on Saturday for the first “Oklahoma Teacher Car Show.”

The ‘Teachers Aid’ organization decided to show their support for Oklahoma educators with the car show, which was located near 71st and Garnett in Tulsa.

Spectators were encouraged to bring gas and gift cards to give to the teachers in attendance.

“Benefit teachers who have less than desirable vehicles they are driving due to their low rate of pay, and this one’s mine,” one teacher said, pointing to a 1998 Honda Civic.

The car show was in response to comments made by Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin in April during the statewide teacher walk-out.

Last month, Gov. Fallin signed a measure giving teachers a $6,100 pay raise and then compared their demand for more education funding to “a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

“Teachers want more,” Fallin told CBS News, referring to teachers rallying for higher teacher and support staff raises, as well as increased funding for education. “But it’s like kind of having a teenage kid that wants a better car.”

Teachers immediately fired back after learning about the comments, chanting “Where’s my car?” To send the point home, educators even pulled out their keys and began shaking them in the air during the walk-out at the Capitol.