Overcrowded Oklahoma shelter has record adoptions after asking for help

SAPULPA, Okla. – An Oklahoma animal shelter is thanking the community after it says it recorded its most successful adoption event in years.

The Sapulpa Animal Shelter announced that it was so overcrowded that it would be forced to start euthanizing animals if they weren’t adopted soon.

Many in the community heard that call, and sprung into action.

“It is a big step to take on a responsibility of a dog, but I’m ready and I think he’ll be great,” said Debbie Hughes.

Hughes says she saw a photo of Toad the pitbull on social media and immediately fell in love.

“I went through a loss with my son about a year ago, and it’s kind of hard being alone in those moments and he’s really going to help me, he will. He’ll be that for me as well,” she told KJRH.

Officials say 15 dogs and four cats found homes.

“Anytime that we get a good event going and adoptions are done, that relieves stress on the dogs and the personnel here at the shelter,” said Mary Ruhl, the shelter supervisor.

The shelter only has two dogs and a handful of cats left up for adoption.

Shelter officials say they get new animals every day, but are thankful for the brief reprieve.

The Sapulpa Animal Shelter urges pet owners to spay and neuter your animals, and claim them if they’re found in a pound.