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YouTube vandal allegedly destroying campaign signs in northwest Oklahoma City 

OKLAHOMA CITY -  A vandal calling his page 'OKC’s Polluted People' on YouTube has been allegedly stealing, destroying and vandalizing campaign signs on the northwest side of Oklahoma City.

Chris Sloan, a candidate for District Judge in Oklahoma City, says he has lost thousands of dollars and valuable hours replacing the signs.

Robert Jernigan, a candidate for State Representative, says his signs have been hit as well.

In the videos, the vandal claims that the signs are placed too close to the road, and that the plastic signs will wind up in rivers and lakes, polluting the environment.

"He’s got a great purpose. He is trying to save the earth, but we will all pick up our trash when it's all said and done," said Jernigan.

"So now I gotta go print up more so the environmental cause you had, Mr.  Reichert, guess what, it's costing more plastic genius idea. Smooth move, Keep it up," Sloan said.

Sloan says it's not the vandals job to enforce the sign laws, and the vandalism is costing him time and money that he doesn’t have - with the campaign just over a month away.