Man arrested after allegedly exposing himself to children at Tulsa motel pool

TULSA, Okla. – A man was arrested after he allegedly exposed himself to two little girls at a motel pool.

Police arrested 37-year-old Calvin Thomas Thursday following an investigation into the April incident.

In April, Thomas allegedly exposed himself to children at the motel pool, FOX 23 reports.

The motel manager, who walked by the pool at that time, saw what was going on and confronted Thomas, who was dressed only in a thong swimsuit at the pool.

“I look to my left and saw him standing there. I went over there, told him to put clothes on,” said Jason Koss with Motel 6.

Koss then made Thomas leave.

“This guy was watching these little girls, probably closely,” said Corporal Mark Kraft with the Tulsa Police Department.

An investigation revealed Thomas had several memberships at local YMCAs, and had also been to the pool on other occasions, but did not rent a room.

Officials say Thomas is a suspected child predator and fear there may be more victims.

Thomas was arrested for lewd molestation.