Teens busted for allegedly smoking weed inside cars they broke into

OKLAHOMA CITY – Two teens were busted after they were caught smoking weed in the cars they broke into.

It happened early Saturday morning at Ben’s Auto Sales on N.W. 39th.

“You can see ashes,” said Ben Goli. “They were smoking weed.”

Marijuana cigars were found in the door handle and ashes throughout the car.

Another car was missing pieces.

“Basically, they tried to take the dash apart. I’m not sure if they were trying to steal it,” said Goli.

The teens were busted by people looking at cars.

“A couple of customers, previous customers, they were walking around late last night looking at cars,” said Goli. “That’s what they do all of the time and they seen these two guys that were kind of suspicious getting into the cars and they’d seen some smoke.”

Police were called and one of the teens was arrested on the scene. The other was captured after a brief chase.

One of the teens is identified as 19-year-old Jacob Anaya.

Jacob Anaya

Investigators also say one of the teens was also armed with a BB gun.

Goli says he will have the pay for the damage and has a message for the suspects.

“This is my whole life. I’ve been working hard for this business for the last 18 years and this is everything to me and I won’t let anybody or anything mess it up.”