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Fans 4 Oklahomans: Donate a fan to help a family in need

UPDATE 6/14/18 - Linda Garza says the burning sensation throughout her body is the worst.

“Like someone is tearing your skin apart, like they are just pulling it off,” she said.

Linda was recently diagnosed with a chronic case of hives and growing more desperate for cool air by the day.

“Since last year really, and my condition just got worse,” she said.

Linda gets by on a fixed income.

She has central air, but the unit's old and can't cool her whole house.

Her bedroom gets the hottest, but she's determined to stay put, because that's where her independence and pets reside.

Dee Watts from The Salvation Army helped Linda with a brand new AC window unit and her very own fan, something to take away the sting and the get the air moving.

“It can mean the difference between life and death because so many of our clients are heat sensitive, or have medications or if they have small children,” Dee said.

Here's the thing.

Our fan supply is running low.

"Oh my goodness, that was the most disheartening things, to have people come to our office and they need a fan and we not have them to give," said Dee.

Right now, Linda isn't able to give with her checkbook, but you can find her dishing out her time and love at the Salvation Army as a volunteer.

We can't help our neighbors with all of their problems, but we can help keep them cool.

OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team is kicking off its annual Fans for Oklahomans campaign.

Already, it's a scorcher out there and we've only got three fans left over from last year.

Our neighbors, families in our own community, are suffering through the miserable conditions without cool air and need our help.

Paul from Oklahoma City has gone a year-and-a half without cool air or heat.

His current unit is about 11 years old and too small for the size of the house.

Paul, an amputee with health challenges, suffers through the heat and said it’s just him.    

“I'm all alone,” he said. “Parents are dead, all of my family is dead. Aunts and uncles are dead. Everybody's gone.”

Someone who barely knows Paul but wanted to help him mailed the In Your Corner team a letter asking us to find him cool air.

This was a no brainer for us.

The In Your Corner team and the Salvation Army dropped by Paul's home to drop off a new fan, and we even did one better hooking him up with a brand new cooling and heating window unit to go in his kitchen.   

It should have been simple to install, except instead of an experienced professional, Paul got us!

Three hours later, we were still at it but more determined than ever, finally getting the assist from our friend and handyman Richard from the Salvation Army.

Our camera was rolling as Paul experienced that first shot of cool air on his face.

“Oh, that's nice,” Paul said. “Oooh, doggies.”

Dee Watts of the Salvation Army took down Paul's information and is seeing what other services he needs and, if Paul ever needs another window unit installed, he knows who to call.

“Channel 4 of course, In Your Corner,” he said.

Donating is super easy.

  • You can drop off a new fan at the Salvation Army's Center of Hope at 1001 N. Pennsylvania during normal business hours.
  • Join our team Monday, June 25 for the eighth annual fan drive at Rococo Restaurant and Wine Bar located at 2824 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
  • Starting at 4 p.m., you can drop off your own fan.
  • Our team and the Salvation Army will be on hand to make sure your donation gets to a deserving family.