Former law firm employee charged with embezzling thousands

OKLAHOMA CITY – A former employee at an Oklahoma City law firm is facing charges after she allegedly embezzled thousands of dollars from the company.

In March of 2017, detectives began investigating embezzlement allegations regarding the Gooding Law Firm in Oklahoma City.

Company officials told detectives that a former employee, identified as 28-year-old Rachael Gooding, embezzled cash payments from clients for almost a year.

According to the probable cause affidavit, owners of the law firm confronted Gooding, who admitted that “she embezzled money from the firm by keeping cash payments from clients and charging other clients credit cards to cover the theft.”

In all, company officials say they were forced to repay $75,000 to clients whose credit cards were wrongfully charged by Gooding.

Detectives spoke with several clients, who were able to provide receipts for cash payments they made to Rachael Gooding. However, Gooding is accused of having to use several clients’ credit cards to cover the cash that was taken.

Last week, Gooding was charged with four counts of embezzlement.