Oklahoma woman searching for sentimental ring after being targeted by thieves

YUKON, Okla. — Residents in one metro neighborhood are on high alert following a recent string of auto burglaries.

The alleged burglaries occurred late last week in the Brighton Place neighborhood, near N.W. 33rd and Sara Road in Yukon.

"Kids run around all the time in there, and nobody really locks their doors," Laney Singleton told News 4. "It's a safe place to live."

That's why Singleton said she was shocked to find out her car had been broken into last week. It's part of a string of auto burglaries around the neighborhood.

"Just woke up, went out to the cars to leave for the morning, turn them on and saw everything scattered on the seats, glove box open, center console open," Singleton said.

She soon realized a very special, expensive ring was missing.

"It's a sentimental piece to me," she said. "So, to get that back, I'd really like to get that back."

The thieves also stole some change, vehicle registration information and insurance papers.

Surveillance video captured the heist and the alleged suspects appear to be teenagers, carrying bags possibly full of other stolen items.

"They didn't look violent. They didn't break any windows," Singleton said. "You see them rummaging around, looking for something, and they don't take a whole lot so not quite sure what they're looking for."

Oddly enough, they left Singleton's girlfriends' purse alone.

Singleton is hoping someone recognizes the suspects in the video or her irreplaceable ring.

"Very unexpected," Singleton said. "Not in that neighborhood. Not in that area. It's a safe area, and I don't think anybody expects to be broken into when you're in a nice place like that."

Singleton said Oklahoma City police are handling the case. If you recognize the suspects in the surveillance images, call Oklahoma City police.