“Words do hurt,” Oklahoma server says Mother’s Day customer left slur on restaurant receipt

YUKON, Okla. - Colten Lee has worked as a server for the past two years at Logan's Roadhouse in Yukon.

During that time, he has served dozens of customers. However, he said he has never experienced what happened during a shift on Mother's Day.

“I went up to the table, and I greeted them and I was like, 'Hi, welcome to Logan's. How may I help you?'" Lee said. "And, nothing was said. It was silent for a cool second."

A woman at the table finally responded, and Lee said he got their drinks and food.

A short time later, a man at the table complained to a manager about his food, tea and something else.

“When they had finished up, they had told my manager they didn't want a f****t serving them or near their table,” Lee said.

Lee said his manager let another worker finish up the table to protect him from the customer's insults. However, another shock came when he got their receipt.

“When she got back, she didn't want to give it to me at first because she said they had written something on it,” Lee said. “She handed it to me, and it said 'Don't be a f****t' and then no tip on it, as well.”

Lee posted the note on social media and was overwhelmed by the response. He also said the customer's mother even called the restaurant to apologize.

“They told me his mom has been calling and said that he feels bad about the situation but I'm thinking, if your mother is calling for a grown man, are you really sorry?” Lee said.

He said he hopes sharing this experience will help others see how a seemingly small hurtful act can have widespread consequences.

“I really hope people do see that words do hurt, and it can affect a whole group of people, a whole society and come with some backlash, as well," he said.

News 4 reached out to the customer, but we haven't heard back.