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Oklahoma teacher receives more terrible news as her father clings to life after he was nearly beaten to death

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DURANT, Okla. – A few weeks after her father was nearly beaten to death, an Oklahoma teacher received more terrible news.

A few weeks ago, Marty White suffered a stroke after he was nearly beaten to death in Wright City, Oklahoma.

According to KXII, White was dragged out of his truck by a group of men and nearly beaten to death after getting into a crash.

White was later taken to the Neurological Center in Plano to be treated.

According to a GoFundMe page for White, he has not regained consciousness since the beating.

“On May 8th, on his way home Marty White was the victim of a brutal beating. He was life flighted from Broken Bow to Medical City Plano. He was  unresponsive and has not regained consciousness since the beating. Trauma from the beating created a blood clot which became ambulatory and completely blocked one of the main Arteries to the brain. As a result of the lack of oxygen to the brain, he suffered a massive stroke which has rendered approximately 45-50% of his brain “dead”. According to the neurological team, this damage is irreversible and will render his motor functions on the left side devastated as well as his ability to communicate and understand language.  As a result of the continued swelling we chose , as a family, to approve an emergency craniotomy. The removal of a portion of his skull will allow the brain to swell outward instead of inward. It is our last card to play and it is now up to God and Dad. I believe in Miracles so please continue to pray for him.”

White’s daughter, Brandi Watts, a science teacher at Caddo High School, her husband and her three children have been at the hospital with White for the last 14 days, hoping he will recover.

On Sunday, Watts received more terrible news.

Her home in Durant, Oklahoma had burned down.

“They lost everything they had,” Watts’ neighbor, Perry Dunn, told KXII. “They have nothing left. Even their car burned.”

A family already reeling after one of their loved ones was attacked and severely beaten gets more bad news at the hospital: their home in Durant burned down over the weekend. (Photo via KXII)

“She’s got a lot to take in right now,” he added.

Watts was already trying to raise money to help pay for her father’s medical bills.

Now, her neighbor is stepping up, hoping to get the family some help.

“I took in the dogs here and I’m going to take care of them and we gave about four five bags of clothes to the husband,” Dunn said. “What we could. But they still need help.”

Dunn told KXII he will be opening a donation account at Vision Bank for the fire victims on Tuesday.

Watts said they don’t want anything for herself or her husband, but did tell KXII her children’s clothing sizes when asked for them. She said their 15-year-old daughter is an adult small, size 0. Their 13-year-old boy is an adult medium with a 30/34 pants size and their 9-year-old is a youth medium.

No word yet on how the fire started.

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